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At Solve For Food, our patented Blue Halo method delivers better tasting,
better-for-you clean label food.


About Us

At Solve For Food, we craft better food for everyone, everywhere. We’re revolutionizing how the world eats by disrupting a production method that hasn’t changed in 200 years. We’ve unlocked patented technology that efficiently produces food that’s clean label, shelf stable, and delicious.

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Solve For Food

We collaborate with foodpreneurs and food companies of all sizes; that way, our food benefits everyone. We craft better-for-you food for the parent looking for nutritious and convenient options, institutions that need cost effective ways to keep their large groups nourished such as schools and the armed forces, in addition to non-profit organizations that serve the food insecure. Plus, our full suite of services will get you from concept to consumption by combining manufacturing and go-to-market services under one roof.

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Our FDA-accepted, patented Blue Halo Method using MATS™ technology provides higher quality food with better nutritional value without all the additives found in most processed foods. Our updated production process generates less waste and has a smaller carbon footprint, contributing to more profitable food production solutions.

Blue Halo

We use MATS™ natural food processing which dramatically reduces the processing time by shortening the heating time. All while preserving the nutrients, color, texture, and flavor of foods while providing a shelf life equivalent to conventionally processed foods.

Traditional Retort
Food Processing

The prolonged exposure to high heat damages the food in a way that destroys its nutrients and requires additives, including excess sodium and color, flavor, and texture enhancers to compensate.

Our Solution

The objectives of Solve For Food are to:

Provide an efficient and effective path for local foods to be distributed globally with natural ingredients
Impact food scarcity by increasing food distribution in urban and rural food deserts and providing high quality food rations to the food insecure
Optimize the utilization of global agricultural output and reduce food waste
Provide a new distribution-stable model that will significantly reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint associated with legacy industrial age food processing
Provide the opportunity and means for regional food companies to easily and effectively develop and market their products
Leverage agricultural regions for distribution points around the world
Disrupt and transform the worldwide packaged foods industry