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Solve for Food—employing MATS technology for e-commerce influx

Just a few short months ago, Solve for Food (SFF), Bentonville, Ark., received an investment to break ground on a new technology center that will feature MATS technology, which uses a combination of hot water bath and microwave energy to quickly and safely sterilize packaged food.

“By providing MATS on a tolling basis, we remove the barrier to entry to next-generation food processing,” says Greg Spragg, president and CEO. “SFF gives all food companies, particularly food startups and small companies, access to the new MATS preservation technology.”

The SFF Food Innovation Center will be a destination for brands and innovators to utilize MATS technology to create better packaged food products and receive go-to-market services.

“High-quality packaged foods that can be shipped and stored at ambient temperature are the lynchpin for food e-commerce providers,” says Spragg. “The ability to package a wide variety of protein-rich, shelf-stable foods also makes MATS a sustainable solution for producing humanitarian rations. Located in close proximity to agricultural hubs will allow SFF food production centers to quickly capture surplus crops, minimizing losses due to waste and spoilage.”

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